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In 2022, I reached the 80th milestone of this incarnation. It is time not only to share the pearls of the journey but also to pass the torch to generations to follow.

As a pacifist, I oppose war, but I went to Vietnam with the State Department in 1966. Starting the first day in Vietnam, I ran a high fever and went into a coma. The doctors argued over whether I was suffering from FUO (fever of unknown origin) or SOD (strange Oriental disease). It was the beginning of my distancing from the tyrannical form of medicine imposed on government employees. In 1968, I was posted to India and was medically evacuated but returned after months of recuperation. I quit the State Department in June 1970 and have not seen a doctor since.

Recovery took at least a full decade. I studied assiduously, starting with esoteric healing concepts and later adding several modalities, including my own system called the astrology of healing with emphasis on balance as well as stress management, including both physical and psychospiritual issues. Over time, I developed a method to aid in exploring past lives and destiny, then herbal medicine, music therapy, and darkfield microscopy.

At this time, I have formulated my own line of herbal remedies and essential oils and have published a number of books, e-books, and essays. There are 50 websites and thousands of pages that I want to share before the sand runs out.


As a subscriber, you will have access to posts on a variety of topics, but the initial focus will be on resolutions for 2023 to improve health through detoxification, immune enhancement, regeneration, and recovery of spiritual understanding of the meaning of life.

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For years, I have written essays for subscribers as well as a number of magazines and professional publications, but I was hit hard during lockdown and can no longer afford to donate my time without remuneration. The subscription fee has been set low enough so as not to pose a hardship on anyone. One can even register together with others and cut the cost in half. This would be less than the cost of one cup of coffee or tea and will make a huge difference for me since I have been borrowing to survive since 2020.

I see my work as a healing ministry and have always been generous with my time and shared my knowledge freely. I will continue to make a lot of material available without cost and those who support my presence on Substack will be issued coupons for use on Bioethika International. This feels like a win-win, and I hope this journey will be interesting and beneficial to all.


Composer: Giuseppe Verdi

Instrument: Harp

Operas: La Forza del Destino, Don Carlo, Simon Boccanegra

Ballets: Don Quixote, Giselle

Time: Waltz

Die ersten Curen” (The First Cure) composed by Johann Strauss II for the Viennese Doctor’s Ball in 1862.

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Ingrid Naiman 

Posts on medical astrology, herbs, environmental ethics, music therapy, and darkfield microscopy. B.A. Asian Studies, East-West Center, University of Hawaii, 1962; M.A. Yale University. 1964. Honorary doctorates Copenhagen, 1987, and Sri Lanka, 1995.